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Prévisions météorologiques gratuites à 15 Jours des départements de la région Rhône-Alpes

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Météo Rhône-Alpes
,centered on France's second city, Lyon, is one of the larger regions inFrance, encompassing eight departments. With its three main cities,Lyon, Grenoble and St. Etienne, plus the area that includes the Frenchsuburbs of the Swiss city of Geneva, Rhone-Alpes is not only one of thelargest regions in France, but also one of the more properous.

The  regionincludes all or a large part of different historic areas, including theSavoy and the Dauphiné, as well as a small northern part of Provence,known as "Drome Provençal". It stretches from the plains of the Bresse,in the north, to the lower reaches of the Rhone, in the south; and fromthe highest peaks of the Alps, on the Italian border in the east, tobeyond the Loire in the west. It has international borders withSwitzerland and Italy, and lies astride the main lines of communicationfrom northern and central France to these two countries.